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1.  What is the MOSEP?
2.  Purpose of this site
3.  Concerning our copyright of material on this site
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1. What is the MOSEP?

MOSEP is a web-based tool for administering multiple-choice-type tests to examinees seated at computer stations in any location authorized by the Test Manager. MOSEP is installed on the PERD web server.

The current version can handle a single education program, a single collection of multiple-choice questions, and a single test type. Future releases will be able to accommodate several programs, item banks and test types.

MOSEP has been used since September 2004 to administer the "PPI" (Personal Progress Index), the McMaster School of Medicine's implementation of a test type known as progress testing. The MOSEP holds all past and current examinees' PPI test results, which can be exported to other administrative databases when necessary.

Authorized persons can access the MOSEP via any cookie- and javascript-enabled web browser running on a computer connected to the internet. Users identify themselves (login) to the application with a unique username and password.

The Test Manager, a staff person in the School of Medicine, uses a series of web pages to..

The MOSEP Administrator, a staff person in PERD, maintains the application, ensures critical files are backed-up before and after each test, responds to special requests concerning content in the item bank or examinees' records, and generally assists the Test Manager whenever necessary.

2. Purpose of this Site

This page lists links to a set of screen shots (web-page content captured as an image) and other materials obtained from the MOSEP application in April 2006. These resources are provided to give you a fair impression of the look and 'feel' of the application, as experienced by various MOSEP clients, including examinees, test managers and the MOSEP Administrator. Some existing functions and utilities are not yet illustrated on this site. Some functions and utilities that are not yet part of the MOSEP are mentioned in the commentary provided on this site.

3. Concerning Our Copyright of Material on this Site

All material on this site is copyrighted by the Program for Educational Research and Development, McMaster University, and may not be reproduced by any means without written permission of the Program.

4. If You Agree to the Above Restrictions on your Access to this Site

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5. Contact Info

If you have any questions about what you see or don't see on this site, address them to:
David Keane, MOSEP Administrator, at "". Additional contact information is available.

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