Support for G_String Users

Before Attempting to Join the G_String Forum

Click this link, tips for setting up access to the G_String forum, to display essential information for persons intending to join the G_String Forum.

Reporting Problems

You are encouraged to report problems with the installation or operation of G_String to papapworx (Dr Ralph Bloch:  "ralph [at]").  papaworx does not promise perpetual user support. Details of the steps to follow when requesting support are provided in G_String:  open `Help\ Help Topics' and then "Support" on the Table of Contents page.

The G_String Forum

You can also report installation and other problems concerning any aspect of G_String to the G_String Forum. However you can only post to this private Forum (and view previous posts) if you are a Forum member.

Forum membership is by invitation only. If you are not yet a member, join MERIT's G_String Users' mailing list. The List Manager will invite you to join the Forum after adding you to the list.

Reporting Your Tips and Solutions

We encourage you to share your knowledge, solutions, and experiences with G_String with other members of the G_String Forum. Help novice members learn how to structure their data sets for G_String. Learn from other members how to analyze your data and understand better the G and D-Study coefficients generated by G_String.

Click the "Other Resources" link to the left to access the Forum url.