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G_String Web Site

G_String is an application that enables the user to easily apply G-theory to the analysis of complex empirical data sets.

G_String was developed and coded by Dr Ralph Bloch, with assistance from Geoff Norman, formerly Assistant Dean, The Program for Educational Research and Development, Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University.

G_String is available for the Microsoft Windows® operating system. A version for the Apple operating system is not anticipated.

G_String makes use of R. L. Brennan's command-line application, urgenova to calculate the anova table for designs ranging from straightforward crossed designs to complex, nested, unbalanced designs. It then computes G coefficients according to the rules specified by Brennan and additional rules developed by Geoff Norman. The program also computes user-specified D coefficients.

The G_String installer file also installs Brennan's urgenova program.