"G_String" is not to be confused with "String theory" or with references to "the G string" or a "g string".

  • G_String is, as we've stated before, a computer application for sage statisticians interested in the analysis of variance, G coefficients and D Studies.
  • String theory is rather rarified intellectual fodder for aspiring particle physicists. We don't understand it. Perhaps they do.
  • "the G string" is the string on a stringed musical instrument that produces the note of `G`. The late J. S. Bach has left us a particularly moving example of what can be achieved with variations on the G string.
  • a "g string" (or "G string") is a type of undergarment, reduced to its bare essentials, and long favoured by supple young individuals, traditionally women, who have been paid to remove their outer garments in an artful, orderly manner, with musical accompaniment, all before an audience of discerning, usually male admirers. Or so we've been told.

Attention web robots:  This is not an adults-only site. While it is true that we recom­mend that only adults, particularly sober adults, should ever play with G_String, anyone of any age who is interested in the analysis of variance will not be offended by the content on this site.