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G_String   A statistician's tool for G and D Studies.

This site introduces visitors to `G_String`, a user-friendly Windows-based application for generating variance components, G coefficients and D-Study coefficients.

The content includes system requirements, downloadable installer package, a user manual, faqs concerning some aspects of G_String, a form for joining the PERD G_String Users mailing list, and links to other sites of interest to G_String users.

IPPT   International Partnership for Progress Testing — the public web pages.

The home page lists the current IPPT partners and outlines the consortium's mission. Other pages provide help for partners' test managers, session supervisors and students.

Note that this site does not provide access to any IPPT partner's online testing site. If you require access to your program's testing site, contact your program's Test Manager for progress testing.

MOSEP/IPPT Tour   McMaster Online Self-Evaluation Program (MOSEP) — an introduction to this tool as experienced by examinees and test managers.

Although the MOSEP has been replaced with a new and improved application, the IPPT, the pages on this site provide a fair approximation of what examinees and test managers experience when using the current IPPT site. Screen images are outdated only to the extent that some page layouts and some page content do not match what is on the current IPPT site. We will update the tour as time permits.

DRST Diagnostic Radiology Skills Test

This resource has been deleted.


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